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Turn on Aral News, grab your jacket for severe weather east of I-95 and a greater threat at the coast. On TV this AM I'll start dry, but rain could pop up in the afternoon. We're still in the Level 1&2 Risk start dry, but rain could pop up in the afternoon. The hottest air temperature ever recorded was 57.7C (135.9F) at will be Thursday/Friday morning. Low temperature forecast for Sunday, October 31, 2021 High temperature forecast for Sunday, October 31, 2021 If you have an outdoor project potential for severe storms.

Konigsberg says he also recalls feeling the most satisfaction when he reached unity of purpose with his peers on some of the ethics issues they tackled, internal investigations they this post conducted, key regulatory issues they identified, and ways in which they worked with law enforcement. “When your teammates also agree that the work is vital to preserve the integrity and the public trust, and to ensure compliance with ethics and Public Officers law (all of which you must have to even think of creating any positive change in government), you go home at the end of the day feeling heartened,” he states. Preparing the next generation of lawyers in government service One of the big motivations for attorneys in public service is the opportunity to pay it forward and give back. Jurva shared that she had many mentors at the prosecutor’s office — from her boss to more senior attorneys, and even judges who helped her navigate the complexities of criminal law. She then, in turn, mentored law clerks and new attorneys. Other public service attorneys also mentor law students and early career lawyers who are seeking legal careers in government — especially attorneys of color — because of the foundational belief that government as a platform for power and change should be reflective of the community. In a world where instant gratification is rampant, Konigsberg notes that patience is important. While the enthusiasm of jumping right into lawyering is an exciting prospect, focusing more on skill development and less on titles is important. “The ‘titles’ and other things will come later,” he adds. Retiring government lawyers continue to contribute The idea of service is at the core of many attorneys who are working in government — and they seek to continue that idea even after retirement. In fact, even with the current onslaught of retiring attorneys from the Boomer generation, there are many examples of seasoned attorneys continuing their service-oriented missions.

Moon’s Top Layer Can Provide Enough Oxygen for 8 Billion People for 100,000 Years Louis, the Moon's regolith is made up of about 41-45 percent oxygen. Another  report  published in states that to extract usable oxygen from the Moon, scientists will have to undertake a process called electrolysis. On Earth, electrolysis is used to extract metals from their mineral ore and oxygen is a by-product. But on the Moon, oxygen will be the main product and the metal would be a potentially useful by-product. Is There an Asteroid Threat to Earth? NASA Expert Answers The Moon's atmosphere is very thin and contains only traces of oxygen. It is mostly composed of hydrogen, neon and argon. However, like the rocks on Earth, the regolith on the Moon contains oxygen mixed in mineral form.

Henderson said there was no evidence that Haobsh had $15 million. Text messages that Haobsh sent to Han on March 6, 2016, showed Haobsh saying he was gambling in learn the facts here now Vegas and claiming he was a “billionaire post-taxes.” “I am not going to hide my wealth from people anymore,” the text message read. “I’ll be in your town in your area in a week. I’ll bring my Lamborghini with me to show you, and I’ll take you to see my private jet. … I haven’t sent out the CBD yet because I have been so busy and not in town. I’ll call an associate to send you the CBD, ok?” Henderson said there also was no evidence that Haobsh had a Lamborghini or a private jet. Other text messages that Haobsh sent to someone named Sonia showed him saying, “I just want enough money. To travel and get a home in another country,” and “It’s to [sic] expensive here.” In cross examination, public defender Christine Voss questioned Henderson about whether investigators followed up on a report from a neighbor during their neighborhood canvas of an Asian male “lurking” around the Han mailboxes, or letters from Haobsh directed to several law enforcement agencies with different theories. Henderson said there was no follow-up on either and that Haobsh has been the only suspect in this case. He described the letters from Haobsh as “absurd” and said they “didn’t seem realistic.” After a lunch recess, Santina Rea, a civilian witness who had worked with Han as a secretary and janitor in his office, testified. Rea discussed one occasion when she went to the Han residence to clean their home, since the Hans had been asking for her to do so.